Mountain Lion


Our Lion hunt begins by driving roads checking for tracks in the early morning hours before sunrise. We usually have 3 to 5 4x4 trucks checking roads, so it typically doesn't take long to find a track. Once a track is located the hounds are released after sunrise. If you've never experienced this, then you are in for an extreme adrenaline rush. There is nothing like the enthusiasm and excitement that comes from a well trained pack of Lion hounds trailing a lion. We then follow the hounds until they tree or hold the lion at bay. Once at the tree, you will have the opportunity to harvest one of the most elusive predators of North America.


When it comes to Bear hunting with hounds, hands down, we are the best in the West. We have experienced an unheard of 100% success rate for the past eleven consecutive years. These aren't just any Bears either. The majority of them are color phased, some weighing in at over 500 pounds. Our hounds are trained 9 months out of a year and tree over 100 bears in that time, so you bet that they will do their part in harvesting your trophy bear. This hunt can be combined with an elk or antelope hunt as well.


Our Elk Hunts are conducted on National Forest. You can expect to harvest a 290 to 330 class Bull, Although you might leave with one even bigger than that. Whatever size you take home, one thing is for sure, you will experience an exciting and memorable hunt. We have a 75% success rate on rifle hunts and a 60% opportunity on archery hunts. Both hunts are scheduled with the rut in focus. This gives you a great advantage as well as some heart pounding experiences getting up close and personal to some screaming Bulls. The archery hunt catches the first half of the rut and then we will rifle hunt the last half. 

Mule Deer

This is about as good as hunting gets. Northwestern New Mexico is one of the best kept secrets in North America for trophy Mule Deer. You will see a lot of Deer on this hunt and pass up bucks that most outfitters could never even find. These giants that you will be hunting will score around 175 to over 200 inches. We will have located and been watching several different bucks for weeks before your arrival.


You will be hunting vast open country on private ranches. This hunt is 100% success guaranteed. You will harvest a nice heavy horned buck. You can expect to see 10 to 20 bucks a day. This hunt can also be combined with a Bear hunt. 


Hunter is Responsible for the following: (All hunts)
*  Personal Gear ( a provision list will be sent prior to hunt)
*  Obtaining proper licenses, permits and stamps 
*  Airport pick-up may be available
*  Providing outfitter with any special dietary needs.

Special Dietary Requirement: For those hunters who have special requirements for their diet, we are more than happy to accommodate you with advance notice of your specific needs.